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Give your customers the option to pay with a card or mobile money and offer a seamless checkout experience. Collect payment information quickly and securely.


Before you can do anything, you need an account!

Register for a free PayChangu account here. With this account, you can start integration and test sending transactions to PayChangu.

Collect Payments

Here are a few ways you can quickly get started integrating PayChangu into your projects. Once done you will be able to receive payments from customers all over the world.

Level 1 - API
PayChangu provides you access to your resources through RESTful endpoints. so you can test the API. You would also be able to access your test API credential and keys from the dashboard without KYC submited.

PayChangu Inline
The PayChangu inline JavaScript method is the easiest way to start accepting payment on your web applications. It offers a secure and convenient flow for users to make payments in seconds. There's more, you can customize this PayChangu checkout modal to reflect your brand and configure the behavior depending on your needs. Check out our PayChangu inline section for more information and Integration guides.

PayChangu HTML Checkout
Accept payment quickly and securely using our HTML Checkout. Check out our HTML Checkout section for more information and Integration guidelines.

Virtual Cards

A virtual card is a temporary prepaid card for making online payments. They're like physical bank cards, but you can get them in seconds and use them to pay anywhere on the Internet. You can see and manage all virtual cards in your account on the Cards page of your dashboard.

Virtual cards are also useful for isolating expenses. You can create a card for employee expenses, one for cloud payments, one for shopping on Amazon and so on. With our API, you can fund, cancel, or view transactions for each card separately.

Even better, they can power your business. If you're building an app with a wallet system, you can issue cards to your users so they can make external payments with their funds in your app. PayChanhu makes this easy: sign up as a merchant and you can create virtual cards for your account, which you then pass on to your users.